About HDT:

After 10 Years Managing Two Different IT Recycling Companys

Successfully, I have now decided to work for myself and set up my own company HDT

With ten years in the recycling business and over seeing countless jobs from the NHS to government agencies, I was able to reconise some of the logistical faults in the business!

One of these faults was "CROSS CONTAMINATION" from one job to another

When most companys go to collect your IT waste they normally collect as many jobs as possible onto their vehicle/vehicles. Keeping these jobs individualy seperated for the drivers is nearly impossible thus cross contamination can accur.

You need to keep jobs separated in order that you can give the customer the correct data destruction information (vital) and asset management information.


So if you are using a WEEE Recycling company always make sure they are keeping your collections separate from other collections on their vans and in their warehouse.


What HDT will do about this is to assigne one member of staff to oversee every job and not move on to any other job until you customer have your full

  1. Asset list.
  2. Data destruction report.
  3. Certificate of weee compliance


We can do this because we are dedicated to bring you the customer a more personal one2one service, and keep you informed every step of the way on how we are dealing with your weee waste. (We believe this is unique to the business)


Onsite Hard Drive Crush:


1. We take our crushing machine to your Business

We will take each and every hard drive, take the gig size and serial number and scan them onto our laptop .


2. We will hold all records up to 2 years.


3. You will get full report with your weee certificate.


4. All hard drives are crushed(WITH 15 TONNES OF PRESSURE) to industry standards the trauma caused to the disk will destroy all data forever.


5. After we crush your hard drives they are taken back to our secure facility where they go through a further process "TOTAL SHREDDING" from HDD to SCRAP.


6. So you can be totally sure all your information//data will be Destroyed forever.


Bendng the hard/disk drive is an approved form of hard drive data destruction

Many regulations and legislative acts exist that require businesses to protect classified and sensitive data from being released outside of there control.

We at HDT can help you protect any sensitive data from leaving your business.

We are fully licenced by the ENVIRONMENT AGENCY to pick up and collect all your "Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment" WEEE.


You will get our WEEE licence number and our authorised carriers licence number with your "Duty of Care/Transfer Note" as soon as we complete your job.


0ur aim is to have: 0% going to LANDFILL and 100% being RECYCLED//REFURBISHED.

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